Unlocking Homeownership Through Strategic SEO

Posted on:
July 4, 2023
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Bluestone Mortgages

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is crucial for the mortgage industry, especially when targeting adverse clients. Research shows that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. By implementing effective SEO strategies, mortgage businesses can significantly improve their visibility and reach within this specific target market. With the right keywords and optimised website content, companies can establish themselves as trusted experts. 

Introducing our Unlendable Ruby Rapid, a constantly moving customer prioritising speed and efficiency. Unfortunately, her hectic schedule led to two missed credit card payments within the past five months, tarnishing her previously impeccable credit record. Nonetheless, determined to realise her dreams of homeownership swiftly, she resorted to Google in search of a reliable broker. That’s when she stumbled upon Ben’s website, and here’s what she discovered;

High Search Engine Ranking: 

Ben’s website’s strong search engine ranking played a significant role in accessing them easily. When I searched for “bad credit mortgages” on Google, their website appeared at the top of the search results. This high visibility instilled confidence in me that they were a reputable and reliable choice in their industry.

User-Friendly Website: 

When I came across Ben the broker’s website, I found the navigation design intuitive and user-friendly interface contributed to my positive perception of the firm and increased my trust in their professionalism. Pages loaded quickly, and the website was optimised for mobile devices, allowing me to access the information I needed. 

Trustworthy Online Reputation: 

Through Ben’s Google & Trustpilot reviews, I saw his firm had a positive online reputation. The testimonials and positive feedback from other customers suggested they had a track record of delivering great service. This social proof reassured me that I was making the right decision working with him.

Value-added Resources: 

As I deliberated my choices, Ben’s website offered additional value-added resources. These included downloadable guides, tutorials, or access to exclusive webinars or events. Providing those resources went beyond selling his services and demonstrated his commitment to educating and empowering customers like me.

Remarketing Efforts: 

Through SEO marketing strategies such as retargeting / remarketing, Ben’s broker firm consistently stayed on my radar. After visiting their website, I would see their ads again to remind me of my initial interest in their product/service.. This consistent presence was a gentle reminder and encouraged me to revisit their website.

If you’re wondering how you can serve a growing market of adverse cases but aren’t sure where to start – click here to download our complex credit toolkit to start your journey.

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