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Our Application Process

Our application process  aims to improve the experience and management of your case(s) when working with us. Our enhanced platform provides a more transparent view of each mortgage application and will allow you to accurately track all of your open cases.

The application journey and how you can help the cases to progress quickly is outlined below.

1. Decision in Principle

At this stage Bluelink has automatically assessed the information you’ve provided to determine whether the customer fits within our criteria and can afford the mortgage.

2. Application Received

Our Case Managers will review all documents uploaded to package and prepare the application ready to Underwrite.

3. Case Review

If your Case Manager discovers any missing or unreadable documents, you’ll be notified and moved back to ‘Application Submitted - Missing Documents’ or ‘Pending Underwrite - Further Information’.

4. Underwriting

At this stage we aim to underwrite your case and proceed to ‘Awaiting valuation’ unless further documents or information are required.

5. Awaiting Valuation

We will instruct the valuation report once the fee is paid and we are happy to progress the application, unless required documents are missing.

6. Offer Produced

Confirmation that we are happy to advance/lend the money.

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Call us

Our lines are open

Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:30am.
Calls may be recorded.

Your BDMs

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