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Deposit Unlock

Not all first-time buyers manage to save up a sufficiently large deposit for their first property purchase. That’s why this scheme is perfect for those potential buyers with a small deposit, helping them get on the property ladder sooner. Find out everything you need to know below!

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95% Mortgage, No Credit Scoring

Is your customer looking to secure a new build with a deposit of only 5%? We have the perfect solution! At Bluestone Mortgages, first time buyers can now purchase a new build house or flat from participating home builders with only a 5% deposit. Our new mortgage solution cover’s 95% of your customers home value and is a great replacement of the Help-to-buy scheme which ended in October 2022. With no credit scoring and 100% home ownership with no second charge equity loans required, this range is perfect for first time buyers looking to get on the property ladder. The product also has a fee free option and a 180 day offer validity. Take a look at our product guide to explore our eligibility criteria and learn more about the range.

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Only specialist lender offering a 95% LTV solution
95% LTV on new build properties
Maximum of 2 missed payments in the last 6 months on each unsecured credit agreement
1 satisfied default in the last 36 months accepted
CCJ's and defaults ignored if less than £300, or if they were registered more than 3 years ago
12 months history on self employed
Criteria based on the applicants credit profile on the day of completion

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3…

1. Found a dream new build home?

Your customer(s) can find the list of participating builders who offer the solution on the website

2. Talk to the developer

They will be able to confirm to you and your customer that the chosen property is available for the Deposit Unlock scheme

3. Get a confirmation letter

The home builder provides you with a letter confirming you are able to buy the property using the 5% deposit scheme

4. Submit an application

Login into our broker portal and start the deposit unlock mortgage application process for your customer(s)

5. Upload the confirmation letter

Complete the application process and upload the confirmation letter from the home builder onto the portal

6. You are all done!

Once the offer has been received, we will follow the usual mortgage process and notify you on the outcome

Take a look at all the home builders offering this solution...
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Product Guide

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Information Sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deposit Unlock?

Deposit Unlock is a scheme that enables lenders to offer 90.01% – 95% LTV mortgages on new build properties.  

I have a poor credit rating. Can I still get a mortgage?

Yes, we don’t credit score and can allow for minor blips on your credit profile.

Who is the product available for?

First Time Buyers 

What new build properties are available?

Houses and flats (the flats must be 2 bedrooms or more) 

What’s the max loan to value?

95% LTV 

What’s the max loan amount?


What’s the maximum term?

35 years 

Where is the product available?

England, mainland Scotland and Wales 

What home builders offer a deposit unlock mortgage?

You can find the list of participating builders here.

What is the benefits of the Deposit Unlock scheme?
  • You only need a 5% deposit and a normal 95% mortgage.  
  • You own 100% of the property. 
  • Available with UK’s leading house builders. 
How does Deposit Unlock work?

Deposit Unlock is a new mortgage scheme which has been devised by the housebuilding industry in collaboration with mortgage lenders to make buying your first home affordable. 

The Home Builders Federation (HBF) and its members have joined together to create a nationwide house builder-owned insurance scheme, managed by Gallagher Re. This scheme offers participating mortgage lenders protection on their mortgages, so that they can lend to you at 95% on new build housing. 

Customers only need to put down a 5% deposit and can purchase a property up to £630,000 with no restrictions on location, subject to lender’s approval. 

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