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Looking for a complex credit mortgage lender?

We're assisting brokers in providing support to customers that other lenders may have overlooked. Successfully processing cases, even in situations where the high-street lenders might have initially declined.

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Give your customers the credit they deserve

So many people miss out on homeownership because the complex credit market remains underserved, and banks and other high-street lenders are quick to brand mortgage seekers with poor credit as Unlendable. But at Bluestone Mortgages, we see real people who deserve to be considered for home ownership based on their unique life circumstances rather than a vanilla financial history. From contractors with inconsistent income, recent divorcees hoping to start over, first-time buyers looking to purchase a property with low credit, or those going back to work after a life event. At Bluestone Mortgages, we see real people who deserve to be considered for home ownership and our specialist residential product ranges could be the answer!

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Our latest service levels

At Bluestone Mortgages, we prioritise accountability and transparency in every aspect of our service. We’re committed to getting offers to your customers as soon as we can. Our most recent service levels illustrate the timescale with which we process mortgage applications for our valued customers. The current service levels below were last updated on 28/05/2024.

90% of calls answered within 30 seconds

DIP's reviewed within 24 hours

New case reviewed within 48 hours

An underwriting turnaround of 3 days

Why Bluestone Mortgages?

We’re the lender you want in your corner for complex cases.

That’s because we go above and beyond on your case with our flexible underwriting – making the impossible possible. Read our mortgage case studies to see how we’ve helped real-life customers overcome challenges to secure their mortgages.

Trusted by Brokers

Seamless....App to Offer in 24 hours! Often when you think of a specialist lender, you think excessive paperwork, long processing times and often a battle on your hands. Bluestone have been a breath of fresh air. The new portal is brilliant, user friendly and saves a lot of manual keying by pulling through debts from credit file.

Michelle Upton

From Perfect Mortgages

I've never in all my years as a mortgage adviser had a provider say to me, if you wait until... or if the customer pay x off they will have access to a better deal... So as far as I am concerned absolutely amazing service and input from Bluestone. Thank you!!!

Sarah Morgan

From Perfect Mortgages

Yet again they pulled it out the bag and offered on a really complex case. Flexible underwriting and real life criteria which is fit for the current market. What more could a broker in the specialise market ask for? Not every case is right for Bluestone and likewise they wont be the right lender for every client. But they are a lender that like to say yes and they love a good fight when a case has legs.

Bradley Wright

From Haysto

Great turnaround time, always available to help. Proactive approach rather than reactive which makes the application process so much easier for advisers like me. BDM and case managers/ underwriters have been in touch and I love the system where I can simply leave a message for the case manager/ underwriter with any query, comments, updates. 100% success rate with my cases so far.

Harleen Anand

From Starck Uberoi Wealth

Giving credit where credit is due

Helping you make dream homes a reality

Going the extra mile for you is what we’re all about. We believe supporting your customers through the homeownership process should be fast and transparent for everyone. Our broker portal allows brokers to submit a complex case within minutes making the application process more efficient and eliminating the need to re-key data. Ready to place your complex case sitting on your desk?

Sapphire Partners

Bluestone’s Sapphire Club is designed to provide our key partners with exclusive criteria alongside other benefits that only members have access to. Our mortgages are available through these qualified mortgage advisors. These advisors understand your unique situation and do there best to find the right mortgage for you. Click the logo below to visit each website for more information.

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Our lines are open

Mon-Fri 9:00am – 5:30am.
Calls may be recorded.

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