Ronnie Remo’s Recipe for Remortgage Success

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July 17, 2023
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Bluestone Mortgages

This is the tale of Ronnie Remo. Picture him donning an apron and wielding a spatula. He is a fun-loving man passionate about cooking and entertaining his loved ones. But alas, Ronnie’s journey took an unexpected turn during his messy divorce, leaving him struggling to keep up with his mortgage payments. However, fear not, for this is how Ronnie defied the odds and turned his dreams into reality. So grab a seat, bring your appetite for complex credit, and let’s dig in!

Ronnie’s Story:

Ronnie Remo is a man with an infectious zest for life who knows how to stir up some magic in the kitchen. Ronnie had always dreamt of renovating his kitchen with the latest equipment to make his culinary creations even more extraordinary. However, life had thrown him a curveball in the form of a divorce, which left him struggling to keep up with his mortgage payments.

With multiple missed mortgage payments accumulated during the divorce proceedings, Ronnie was labelled as “Unlendable” by high-street lenders. But hey, that’s their loss! They failed to see the complexities of Ronnie’s situation and the potential he held for a successful mortgage journey.

Enter Ben, the Broker

Ben, the broker, is a savvy and understanding mortgage adviser who recognises the uniqueness of Ronnie’s circumstances. Unlike traditional lenders, Ben knew that Ronnie deserved a chance to turn his dreams into reality. With a twinkle in his eye and a dash of determination, Ben connected Ronnie with us, the specialist lending team at Bluestone Mortgages. 

The Power of Specialist Lenders:

We understand that life is far from predictable. We don’t just see numbers on a spreadsheet; we see individuals with stories and dreams. As a specialist lender, we possess the expertise to unravel complex financial situations like Ronnie’s. We helped him to remortgage despite having previously missed mortgage payments, raised capital to help pay off his divorce debt and borrowed a little extra to build his dream kitchen. But that’s not all! We offer a fees-free product, with no application fee, no arrangement fee, free valuation, and a £500 contribution towards legal costs.

Ronnie Remo’s story serves as a delicious reminder that not all borrowers fit into the vanilla mould of mortgage lending. Mortgage brokers like Ben recognise that life isn’t always straightforward, and at Bluestone, we understand the complexities and challenges individuals like Ronnie face.

If you’re wondering how you can serve a growing market of adverse cases but aren’t sure where to start – click here to download our complex credit toolkit to start your journey. 

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