Our criteria on completion policy can help your clients qualify for a huge rate saving across our product range!

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November 25, 2021
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Bluestone Mortgages

Do you know how our criteria on completion works?

The case study below illustrates how our unique approach to assessing the credit profile of prospective borrowers cannot only enable them to borrow more, but also save them thousands of pounds in interest.

Mortgage Details Credit Profile
Purchase Price: £250,000
Loan Required: £187,500 (75%)
5 Year fixed rate (25 yr term)
2x unsatisfied CCJs
Registered 7 months ago: £3,736
Registered 33 months ago: £1,204


Sourcing Results* Criteria on Completion
5.96% 5 yr fixed rate (Credit Category ‘A’)
Monthly repayments:
4.65% 5yr fixed rate (Credit Category ‘AA’)
Monthyl repayments:


  • 33 month old CCJ ignored, as it will be over 3 years old at completion**
  • Applicant saves 1.31% due to the change of credit tier
  • Monthly repayments £145.27 cheaper
  • Over £6,000 saved in interest over the 5 yr fixed rate period

Not only does our criteria on completion mean that an applicant might be able to move into a different credit tier, it can save them thousands of pounds; giving them a better opportunity to afford their dream home.

*Criteria on date of application
**Based on an example from 22/11/21 and a completion date of 22/02/21

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