“Hey, Alexa!” What happened this Summer?

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September 23, 2022
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Bluestone Mortgages

This summer was easily the season to feel the most nostalgic. When reflecting on historical summer moments, we immediately picture back to the Lionesses taking home the glory with their fantastic victory at the Euros 2022 finals. This iconic moment in football history has inspired this week’s blog!

In the spirit of football, how do you go about tackling the growing number of complex credit cases? Like any winning football team, you need a good game plan to succeed. With the rising cost of living, and on the back of recent figures showing the Consumer Price Index (CPI) being as high as 10.1% in July 2022, more people than ever are facing hardships. We recently conducted a study which revealed that 37% of the general population do not feel secure about their current financial situation. Whilst some may be able to cut back on non-essential spending, others could face severe financial difficulties, impacting their ability to get a mortgage. This is where you can be on the ball with sourcing alternative lending options.

If you’re wondering how you can serve a growing market of adverse cases but aren’t sure where to start – we can help. With times being tough for many people, we will work together to ensure your complex cases are packaged correctly, quality support is provided and the best possible client outcome is delivered. Give us a call on 0800 368 1833, or alternatively request a call back hereOr register an account on our broker portal Bluelink, where you can submit DIPs and applications online.

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