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December 9, 2021
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Bluestone Mortgages

Do you have clients who would like to borrow more, but are restricted by a lender’s LTV limits? Or perhaps, they are concerned about the increased interest rates associated with that?

The case study below illustrates how our unique approach to assessing the credit profile of prospective borrowers can enable them to increase their borrowing, whilst qualifying for a lower interest rate.

Purchase Price: £255,000
Term: 30 year term
Product: 2 year fixed rate

  • 1 unsatisfied CCJ (registered 33 months ago, £867) – when starting out as self-employed
  • 1 satisfied CCJ (registered 16 months ago, £368) – during the pandemic, for an unpaid invoice
  • 1 satisfied default (registered 14 months ago, £5,782) – on an unsecured loan during the pandemic and trading had to temporarily cease


Borrowing £191,250 at 75% LTV on A Borrowing £204,000 at 80% LTV on AAA
5.85% 2 years fixed rate has a monthy repayment of: £1,128.26 5.10% 2 years fixed rate has a monthly repayment of: £1,101.36

Information accurate as of 02/12/2021

The case fell into our Credit Category ‘A’ when the application was submitted. By applying our criteria on completion the application proceeded to offer with the condition that the mortgage wouldn’t complete before the unsatisfied CCJ registration date of 3 years or older.

As a result, the client has saved money and lowered their interest rate by using an improved Credit Category, even after increasing the amount borrowed.

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