Looking for a fees free range to give your customers their happily ever after?

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August 3, 2022
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Bluestone Mortgages

Once upon a time, 1.3 million households entered a fixed-rate mortgage deal1, ending in 2022! Fast forward to now; with the sun shining and the evenings still bright, the home makeover season is in full swing, and these households are finally completing their fixed-rate mortgage deals!

But what do these two factors mean for brokers?

Well, more and more customers are looking for short-term financial solutions to help carry out their summer refurbishment plans, from a newly upgraded bathroom to creating the garden of their dreams. Now, pair this with the number of customers coming off their fixed-rate mortgage deal, who, unless they remortgage, will end up moving to a SVR. As you can imagine, the market of customers looking to financially spring-clean (or should we say summer-clean…) and remortgage is huge!

With the recent rate reduction on our fees-free remortgage range, you can give your customers the flexibility they need and support them with their happily ever after! With approximately £2,470 in savings from our fees-free range, your customers can finally take on that small home improvement project they have been putting off!

If you are ready to learn more about our fees-free remortgage range, you can either browse through our product guide for more information, give us a call on 0800 368 1833, or alternatively request a call back here.

1according to UK finance.

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