What’s better than an easy application process?

Posted on:
September 6, 2023
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Bluestone Mortgages

The rapid return of Y2K has brought back many memories of early 00s that feels like it was only yesterday. And just like a hit from the naughties, our Bluestone broker portal is smooth and easy to work with!

Using our portal, you are able to process your latest case, submit or check for updates on recent DIPs, or even use our open banking feature and get automated valuations – 2 amazing features that have led to our team issuing mortgage offers in just 1 day!

Some broker portal highlights…

  • Record amount of 1 day offers: With our reformed broker portal technology, we’ve had multiple cases go from application to offer in just one day.
  • The power of automation: With many of our processes now automated, we save an average of 3 hours 20 mins processing time per case.

If you’re thinking about trying out our broker portal for your next case click here to get started!

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